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Membership Information

Is there a minimum length to the Membership?

Yes, all memberships have a three (3) month minimum before a cancellation can occur. You do not get charged the 3 months all together, you get charged monthly.


When are memberships renewed?

All memberships are renewed on the same day you signed up on every month.

Do my credits rollover?

Yes, all credits rollover up to three months after they are accrued. After the three month period the credit does expire.

If I want to book another appointment are there any discounts?

Yes, all members get discounts off all additional services as well as add-on upgrades. The only services excluded from this discount are all Body Sculpting Services and the NormaTec compression Therapy.

What if I want to Transfer my Member Credit?

Previously our system only allowed credits to be transferred from one member to another, now we are happy to announce that we can transfer your member credit to a non-member with payment of the balance of treatment.  


In other words, as a member you get a discounted rate for massages which is $75 for a 60-minute massage, if you would like to gift a credit to a nonmember then they will be credited $75 for their service. If they book for a regular 60-minute massage, valued at $95, they will then owe the $20 difference for the service. 

This took effect on March 1, 2023.

What if I miss a payment due to my card declining?

If your card does not process your membership fee for whatever reason, we will reach out to replace the current form of payment. In the event the payment does not go through or we are not able to reach you within 7 days of the processing date, your membership will automatically be cancelled and will forfeit any further treatments in the future until the outstanding balance is received in full. If the outstanding balance is not paid we refuse the right to schedule any further sessions with you until further notice. If the payment goes through your membership will then be reinstated and in good standing. If this occurs more than three times in a year, than you will forfeit the benefits of being a member. If your membership is cancelled due to payment issues, you will no longer be able to take part of the membership program.


What is the cancellation policy?

In the case you need to cancel your membership you may do so after the three month time frame. In order to successfully cancel your membership you must cancel 15 days before your next billing cycle. If you cancel within the 15 day billing cycle a cancellation fee of $75 will charged to cancel early.


For example, you have had your membership for 9 months and need to cancel because you are moving far away you are eligible to cancel your membership. Your membership renews on the 1st of every month and you cancel on the 15th of the month (depending on the month) you will not be charged a cancellation fee. If you cancel on the 30th (the day before your renewing date) you will be charged a $75 cancellation fee.

What happens to my credits if I cancel my membership?

In the case you need to cancel your membership and you still have credits on your account, the credits on your account will be lost once it is deactivated. In order to not lose those credits you would need use them in the time frame before the accepting cancellation period. Please thoroughly read through the cancellation policy above for more information.

Can I pause my membership instead of cancelling?

Yes, in order to keep your credits and you must have an account active. Pausing your membership at a cost of $25 a month and may reactive any membership level at anytime to reinstate your desired membership. If you wish to cancel after credits are used, please refer to our cancellation policy.

By signing up for our Membership you acknowledge and agree to all our company terms and membership policies.

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