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If you spend your time balancing your diet, drinking plenty of water, and putting in hours at the gym but you still aren’t achieving the body results that you want. then it may be time to consider aesthetic treatments. Sometimes, no matter how much time and energy we put into it the stubborn pockets of unwanted fat can linger in the body. Instead of stressing over your body shape, you may be able to turn to non-invasive body sculpting treatments at Lilly May Massage Studio to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Body Sculpting Treatment Services

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Reduce your size and reach your dream goals without surgery!

The newest innovation in slimming and firming treatments combines the detoxifying ability of slimming cream, lymphatic massage techniques with the power of the new-age body palp massage devices to reduce the appearance of dimpled skin, reshape unwanted curves, reduce fat cells, produce visibly smoother and toned skin. Body sculpting massage delivers the effectively dislodging cellulite and toning skin through a series of deep movements comparable in feeling to a therapeutic massage. The targeted cells that are killed  during the treatment are gone forever and won’t grow back. With that said, it is still possible to see fat in those areas again, however, only if you gain weight again through partaking in an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise. The fat cells that are still present in that area, the shrunk cells that remain can and will expand in size if your lifestyle changed to unhealthy habits, even though fat cells that were killed won’t come back. it doesn't stop the current fat cells from regrowing.







Am I a Good Candidate for this Treatment?

Body Sculpting treatment is not for everyone, as not all people are good candidates for this type of service. Who is a good candidate?

At our clinic, we use thermal energy to reduce unwanted fat and tighten skin on virtually every area of the body. This treatment is a great option for people who have mild to moderate unwanted fat and who want to see results quickly. It is also a good treatment for those who have started their fitness journey, want to prevent loose skin elasticity and mold their shape as they lose weight. Body sculpting is best used to get rid of stubborn fat that can’t be reduced through exercise. The results of this treatment can last several years or even can be permanent if you maintain your weight. 

Certain contraindications can prevent you from receiving these therapies, as listed below.


How To Prepare Before For Your Session

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How To Recover After For Your Session

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Do's and Dont's

What to do:

Similar to a traditional massage, the preparation of a Body Sculpting Session:

  • Stay hydrated 24-48 hours before & after your session

    • Rule of thumb for water consumption: whatever your body weight is, divide that by half and drink that in ounces every day.

      • For example: if you weigh 100lbs, 100÷2=50, you should drink 50 ounces of water daily. If you are physically active than that number goes up.

    • Stay out of the sun

    • Wear loose fitting clothes

What not to do:

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine 24-48 hours before and after your session

  • Avoid taking blood thinners

  • Avoid eating greasy foods

  • Avoid creams and oils the day of treatment

  • Stay in the sun and get sun burned

    • The session will be cancelled if this is the case​

  • Wear jeans or constricting clothing


The Body Sculpt treatment is incredibly effective due to the thermal energy generated with this system can reduce about 24% of fat in all treated areas. That in laments terms is similar to shaving off 1/4 of your unwanted fat in only a single treatment per desired target area. This system is easily one of the most powerful body sculpting treatments currently available. If you want to reduce unwanted fat, then this treatment is likely ideal for you.


One of the effects of significant weight loss or pregnancy is loose skin on the body, which can take several months or years to become tighter on their own, if ever going back to the previous state. However, the radio frequency generated by this treatment actually stimulates collagen and elastin production, which then tightens your skin so your skin is firmer and youthful-looking. This means you can tighten skin and reduce unwanted fat at the same time.


For some, the goal of using this treatment is to reduce the appearance of cellulite, especially on the thighs. Cellulite is more commonly found in women and does not necessarily indicate that you are overweight; rather, cellulite is caused by underlying fat poking through fibrous bands, which creates the appearance of dimples on the skin. This treatment works by increasing collagen in the skin to thicken the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is the only treatment can be painful and can leave bruising due to the breaking up of the fat pockets.


People who use this treatment also want to enjoy the fast results. Most people can see the results of this treatment in as little as one to two treatments, with the full results of this treatment appearing in about 12 weeks. Usually, you will be able to see the drastic results of this treatment about eight weeks after your first appointment



  • In addition to non-surgical treatments not involving any invasive techniques that can create scarring, energy-based treatments such as this one do not have any downtime. This can be an advantage for people who do not have the time for an extensive recovery period, or those who simply don’t want a disruption in their daily lives.

  • After this treatment, you can go back to work, resume your normal exercise schedule, and much more. The only thing you will need to do after your treatment protects your skin from direct sunlight and drink plenty of water.

  • This treatment is also ideal for those who want to feel more confident about their appearance. The inability to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat can be detrimental to your overall feeling of self-confidence, particularly if you are unable to fit in clothes. 

  • Some people also use this treatment to feel more confident about important events in their lives, including weddings, work functions, and special vacations.

  • Feeling more confident has more than just psychological benefits, people who feel more confident about their appearance also tend to make better health decisions, because you will want to continue feeling good about yourself and  you are more incline to adopt a healthier diet and exercise routine to maintain your desired results.


For most people, if you’re struggling to get rid of unwanted fat in one area, then you’re likely struggling in other areas of the body, too. Body Sculpting treatment is unique because it can be used to treat virtually all areas of the body, from larger areas like the stomach to smaller areas like the neck. ​​

Some of the most common treatment areas include:

  • Hips

  • Back​​

  • Arms

  • Neck

  • Armpits

  • Buttocks

  • Belly and Abdomen

  • Knees and Legs

  • Chin and jaw

  • Chest

    • Only for men

  • Flanks

    • Muffin tops or Love handles

  • Thighs

    • Inner and Outer are separate small areas

Benefits, Risks & Contraindications

The risks and benefits of Body Sculpting are the same as having a traditional massage. Each session is tailored to your needs and are unique to how your body composition as well as how it responds to treatment. Any side effects you will experience, if any, will typically occur during your treatment or immediately after. If the treatment feels painful at all the practitioner will either reduce the intensity or stop the session completely at that time.


Similar to a traditional massage, the benefits of Body Sculpting can include the:

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Temporarily increase blood circulation

  • Promotes cell repair in the area being treated

  • Removes toxin and stagnant blood from the area of treatment

  • Reduces cellulite appearance

  • No downtime

  • No surgery

  • Few side effects if any at all

  • Help tighten loose skin

  • Long-lasting results



  • Bruising in treatment area

    • Only from Wood Therapy​

  • Lightheaded or Dizzy

    • This can occur from the rapid release of tension, toxins and pain in the area and should subside fairly quickly.

If you experience any of these issues they are completely normal. Consult your practitioner if you feel any of these issues so they may offer remedies or steps you can take before or after your session in order to avoid any further discomfort.



You should NOT do BODY SCULPTING TREATMENT if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Acute Pulmonary Edema (fluid in the lungs)

  • Acute Thrombophlebitis or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

  • Acute congestive heart failure

  • Episodes of pulmonary embolism

  • Episodes of Epilepsy 

  • Open wounds, infection or tumors at or near the application site

  • Any type of active Cancer

  • Bone fractures or dislocations at or near the application site

  • Any circumstance where increased venous & lymphatic return is undesirable or prohibited

    • Such as Hypertension, Lymphedema, Thyroids Disorders, Kidney Disease, uncontrolled Diabetes, etc.

  • Experiencing an a sunburn

  • Have an open wound

  • Currently have skin ulcer

  • Currently experiencing an internal organ disorder

  • Currently pregnant or Breast Feeding

    • No treatment can be done on a pregnant woman or if you are breast feeding under any circumstances.

Please consult with your doctor before booking any treatments if you have any medical conditions that may be contraindicated with this kind of treatment.

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