Bringing new life to the world can bring on many new emotions and transitions. Use essential oils to support your mind and body! The Mama Bear blend is mixed with powerful oils that are perfect companions for pregnancy and the postpartum journey. Mama Bear is a soothing blend of oils that promote a calming aroma to help evoke tranquil, nurtured feelings. This blend has several oils that support the appearance of healthy skin and make it a great choice for applying topically on a baby bump or postpartum belly. Each essential oil in the blend was carefully selected for its unique aromatic and topical benefits. This grounding aroma can encourage feelings of confidence and strength. When applied topically it can enhance the appearance of healthy looking skin. An empowering boost in confidence can help any new parent on their journey!

Mama Bear Essential Oil Roller

  • Usage Tips: Apply on your neck and wrists to enjoy a calming and grounding aroma throughout the day. Enjoy the powerful skin-supporting oils by applying on a baby bump or postpartum belly. Apply on your spine before a massage or chiropractic appointment.


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